Roof-top Adult zone swimming area


Roof-top Adult zone swimming area




A few years ago when I was working in Mallorca Spain as the host of a popular swingers, sex and swingers club there, we were surprised by heavy rainfall and flooding in the then hamlet where I lived temporarily, water everywhere, and my house was temporarily uninhabitable, luckily I rented it that little house, but was then forced to move to a temporary hotel or resort, the choice was a medium-sized hotel and after having slept there for a few days I saw a sign at the lift “adult zone rooftop” and my curiosity was aroused, I wondered who or what could be experienced there. But because I was already working in a subclub almost every day, I wasn't very curious what it was, so I left it that way. On a warm morning I decided to cool off in the pool, tossed my towel on a bed and dived into the wonderful fresh water and noticed that a family with two screaming children had sat down next to my bed when I got up again sitting on my bed I noticed that the loud screams of the children were not noticed at all by father and / or mother and after 10 minutes I changed my mind, and was planning to go to my hotel room, until I saw that sign again ”adult zone rooftop "What the fuck I thought and went up the stairs and what turned out, on top of the roof was a huge swimming pool lots of empty beds and nice and quiet, without screaming children. It was not busy there were a few ladies and gentlemen in their bare arms that, really relaxing along the pool, what do I think, and took off my swimsuit and posted me on a free bed by the pool. I was lovely but suddenly I noticed a beautiful lady who was a little older than me, she was lying behind a bed, she laughed kindly and closed her eyes as if she were sleeping, I laughed back and then I noticed that she had her legs slightly took apart, I saw a smooth shaved pussy that was slightly open, the sunlight made the wet pussy sparkle. Not getting a stiff petite, I thought, but it was already too late, then just lying on my stomach and pretending to sleep, I put on my sunglasses and went into a fake sleep position, I could just look over my edge and so on watching that juicy pussy, suddenly she slid her hand towards her wet pussy, pushed 2 fingers deep inside, hard and deep, and as suddenly as she started she stopped fingering, got up and put on her clothes, and she started to leave. When she passed me towards the exit, she dropped a card by my pillow, but because I pretended to be asleep, I could not immediately see what it said, after a few minutes I dared to take the card and it was written on it, 233 be her room number, I grabbed my things and went looking for room 233 and I quickly found that, I knocked on the door, and she opened the door, dressed in a beautiful sexy lingerie set. Come in, she said, and pulled me in. Have you just seen my horny wet pussy? she asked, yes I said, I get so horny from sitting in the sun, then my cunt starts to drip, and I feel like a big hard dick deep in my cunt, do you want to give it to me, yes I said quickly, I think the sun makes me horny too. through the open crotch of her brief I could already see the moisture between her labia and could hardly restrain me, but I still couldn't give me an attitude. how old are you she asked, I'm 41 and my name is peter, so peter, and have you had sex with older women before, I asked older women, you're not that old yet, I'm 57, and I was a little shocked her answer. You look like 39 I answered quickly and only laughed a little. I want you to lick my pussy now, she pulled me to bed and lay down with her legs wide, she grabbed my head and directed it towards her bald pussy, lick my clit, lick my pussy please, and I massaged my tongue her clitoris and she began to moan softly, along my labia if yes, oh wonderful this is my favorite position, push two fingers into my horny cunt she moaned, and I did it, my fingers slid smoothly into the wet pussy, and soon followed three and four fingers, I kept licking and suddenly she got a Very large XXL dildo from under the bed, I want this in, and gave me the large XL dildo, you have to ram it hard in my cunt and ram it hard and not stop if I cum just continue with the pile please do that. So I start ramming that big XXL dildo in her cunt and fuck her cunt with big strokes, go on and on, she begs and starts shaking and screaming, I come ready she screamed, I come ready and along the edges of her labia dripping the moisture out of her cunt, now I want you to jerk off you and spray your sperm all over my tits, jerk off? I want to fuck, I became horny of this violence, let's do it differently I said, turn around and I wrung my super stiff dick into her little ass, aah she moaned, I never did anal, I pushed my cock up to my balls in her tight ass and started to ram, with long strokes I fucked her smooth anus until she came again, and again the fluid spurted out of her cunt, soon I almost came too. You have to squirt my tits, she cried, and quickly I took my exploding dick out of her tight ass and while she turns around I squirt my spunk on tits and chin, she grabbed my after-shocking dick and put it in her mouth and sucked it last moisture from my bag. this was wonderful, tomorrow again? she said, laughing.


I was still in the after shock mode and had no answer ready. tomorrow I said again, she cried beautifully and quickly put on her bikini, I go back to the roof and she was gone, I put on my clothes and headed for my own room and walked for a long time the sign "adult zone", " tomorrow again ”I said to myself and I kept on smiling.


My vacation tip: find a resort or hotel with adult zone, for extra activity during vacation.




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